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Pre-PW401 Prep

Getting ready for my next trip

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ok, pre-travel prep. I'm off on PW401, sailing the Prince William from Belfast to Liverpool.
A basic itinerary has been added to my Travel Map

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If anyone wants to come PW401 is on SPECIAL OFFER at £99 for the trip


Just been shopping. Its actually been a real waste of time. I need new cold weather gear. Now I always get it from TX Max, cos I wont have to pay more than £30 for decent gear.
So, new trousers on the menu.... TX Max have hundreds of coats, and only about 10 trousers. After trawling about a couple of different stores I managed to get a pair, get em home, and find that they don't fit. Its really ridiculous.
At least Natz got a coat.

Just checked out the BMI flight details. And it is really very very confusing. I booked through BMI baby, but it seems that I am booked with BMI. You may think, So What? Its a big problem
First: They are two separate companies
Secondly: BMI baby charge for checking in baggage
Thirdly: I REALLY REALLY need to check out the fuel surcharges. I need to check that they have been payed in advance, cos if they haven't, i cant get on my flight.

Socks! Damn the socks! I bought some socks...... which don't fit. I bought some socks last week which also.... don't fit. They sell size 3 boots, why the hell cant they sell size 3 socks too!!!!!!!
I may as well go and have them specially made at this rate. Absolutely ridiculous.
Gorram stupid sock makers

17days before I go..... and I'm already packed. This is a record for me. My previous record was 15 days.
I surprised my self. I got everything into my backpack and still have room to spare. I suppose it is because I am only going for 4 days.
Am quite worried about the weather Inland gales have been really very bad, they killed 11 people yesterday, and a HUGE cargo vessel sank in the channel. If the weather holds up, there will be no sailing or motoring anywhere. The Prince William has been moored up in Cork for the past 3 days. It was only meant to arrive yesterday from a 6 day voyage. The Irish Sea is meant to be real rough, would the Captain risk a 10hr+ trip across is rough seas? I doubt it. As it is, Natz chose one of the shortest trips, we may only get one full day of sailing, two if we go round in circles for a bit, or visit other ports. Will still be an absolute pleasure to sleep in those bunks, even if it is only for 3 nights.

20160 minutes to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
336 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
half a month to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really really exited.
Hat, neck scarf and face wipes have all made their way into my backpack over the weekend. I need to find some more thermals though. Don't know how long this cold snap will be lasting.

And some really good news, the Joining Instructions arrived on Saturday.
so 1000hrs, Queens Quay berth, Belfast and leaving ship at 1400hrs, West Float, Liverpool.
Now I have the huge problem of actually finding the way from the Airport to the docks and from the docks to the train station. Ich! Multimap here I come

YAY!!!! I have the prescription for Scoperderm. I saw my Dr last night. He had never heard of Scoperderm and then said he used it (different name) for older patients to stop them dribbling (one of the side affects is that you mouth dries up like the Sahara desert) But, yay!!! I can get some.
And onto slightly different news, I have at last found the alternate TSYT forum, the one where you dont have to wait a day for your posts to be added to the converation. Its called Tall Ship Training and is hosted by GoJabber.com You have to sign up or login as a guest to view the forum.

Less than 10 days to go.... and I have nothing really left to do. TSYT forum is as slow as ever, no one in Jabber and facebook is dead.
Saying that though, I am gonna cycle to the pharmacy after work to pick up my Scoperderm, and I need to get a new battery for my watch.
Which has just reminded me, I need to find the red filters for my tourches.

I repacked again last night. Bag is really quite full. I am very surprised. Dont know how I managed it when I went for longer. I cant stuff anything else into the bag.
And I found some red filters. Got to fit them now.
So Exited

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Hey Dani, Looks like you had loads of fun!
Having been tempted into trying out a sailing trip, just was curious about the kind of training one might need to have for such a trip or can anyone just join in, say for eg in the PW401 adventure that you mentioned here, and then learn the ropes?

by Ahila

Hi there Ahila,

Most sail training organisations like the Tall Ships Youth Trust dont require any perevious knowledge of sailing. I had previously sailed on the Prince William, but PW401 was the first time my sister had ever set foot on a sail boat of any kind. All training is given to everyone, reguardless of previous knowledge and experiance.

I would recommend tall ship sailing to everyone. The experience is fantastic. A real joyrney of discovery

by PirateDani

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